Do you use new needles every time?

Absolutely! All of our needles are new for each use; each needle is autoclave-sterilized, then safely discarded along with all plastic barriers, paper towels, and single-use ink holders.

Do you sterilize your equipment?

All of our tubes and needles are sterilized in an autoclave. As the highest level of sterilizer, this is the only acceptable sterilizer for tattoo equipment, as well as the most widely used protective measure in the medical industry. All instruments, if not single-use, are covered in protective plastic barrier film (discarded after each use), and autoclave sterilized. All work surfaces are soaked in the highest level tuberculocidal solution between procedures.

Does it hurt?

Yes. However, tattooing is most often described as “annoying” or “irritating.” Look how many people have more than one! If it hurt that badly, such a large number of people probably wouldn’t come back for second and third tattoos. Getting a tattoo is a positive and fun experience, and everyone has a completely different experience in terms of the sensation, so do not let people scare matter what they say, your experience will be unique and, most likely, very bearable. It will also be worthwhile afterwards!

Where are you located and what are your hours?

We are located on the northwest corner of Mill Avenue and 10th Street in downtown tempe. This is just two blocks south of Mill and University, the center of Tempe. If you’re familiar with ASU, we are right across the street from the Nelson Fine Art Museum.

930 S. Mill Ave., Tempe AZ, 85281
Phone: 480.829.6966

Mon-Thurs: 12pm to 10pm
Fri-Sat: 11am to 11pm
Sun: 12pm to 7pm
We are closed on all government holidays

How do I take care of my tattoo?

A new tattoo will take approximately 10 days to 2 weeks to completely heal, sometimes longer under certain circumstances. Here are some tips on taking care of your new tattoo:

  • Take bandage off 2-4 hours after completion.
  • Wash gently and completely, and only by hand, with cool water and a perfume/fragrance-free soap (i.e. Ivory, Dr Bronner’s, Dial Antibacterial).
  • Pat dry and allow 5 – 10 minutes for your tattoo to air-dry.
  • With clean hands, rub a SMALL amount of A&D ointment into a tattoo. Wipe off any excess ointment. (Remember, your tattoo needs to breath in order to heal!)
  • After NO MORE THAN TWO DAYS, switch to applying a perfume/fragrance-free lotion, rather than A&D ointment (i.e Lubriderm, Curel, Keri, Aveeno Fragrance-Free). Depending on the size and nature of your tattoo, your artist may advise you to begin using lotion on your tattoo immediately, skipping the use of A&D ointment completely.
  • Repeat this process (wash gently, pat dry, allow a few minutes to air out, apply a tiny bit of ointment) when you wake up and before you go to sleep. You should also do this after doing anything that makes you particularly sweaty or dirty (work/school/gym).

Do Not:

  • Re-bandage your tattoo.
  • Apply too much ointment/lotion.
  • Use ANY other substance on your tattoo without consulting your artist.
  • Wear tight/rubbing clothing. Loose, clean, and preferably cotton clothing is ideal.
  • Pick or scratch
  • Expose to direct sunlight
  • Soak your tattoo (bath, pool, hot tub, ocean, lake), although showering is fine, as you must keep your tattoo clean.

Keep In Mind:

  • Your tattoo will always be vulnerable to the UV rays of the sun. After it is healed, USE SUNBLOCK.
  • If you have any questions or problems, call your artist: 480.829.6966